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Push Down Negative Content In Google


Our strategy to push down negative content in Google is based on aggressive link building, which is exactly the opposite of what most reputation management companies do: They begin with content. In a moment, we’ll explain why their “content first” strategy costs more and takes longer than our strategy.

How We Push Down Negative Content In Google

The first step in our process is to quickly create a master list of 80-100+ digital assets. The list consists of two things:

  • Your Existing Positive Digital Assets. These could include videos, social media sites, profiles and press releases on third party domains, articles about you, and pages on other web 2.0 properties. Basically, any digital content about you that already exists and is positive is included, with the exception of your own website(s).
  • New Web 2.0 Assets. We create new content about you on free web 2.0 and social media platforms. The content is created using a spinning tool and is done automatically. This is what helps us get ramped up quickly. Yes, since the content on these sites is spun, sometimes it does not read clearly. That’s ok; you’ll find out why shortly. We also write and have you approve press releases which we then publish on the strongest press release websites with hundreds of distribution channels.

The second step in our process is to promote every single one of these assets through an aggressive link building campaign. This is also done automatically. This is a very effective way of building links and is faster than doing it manually.

Every campaign is different, but usually, within a week or two, you’ll begin to see movement. As we continue to build links and promote all the digital assets on the master list, you’ll see that the negative sites will be displaced. Most clients see results within 2-6 weeks, but in some rare cases, it has taken longer.

Now, here’s the nice part. Once all of your properties are on page one, you control what people see. If any of the new web 2.0 assets appear on page one and you want to update them, you can! We give you full access to username and password information.

Have Questions About Our Strategy? Refer to our FAQ or call 503-890-6663.

How Other Reputation Management Firms Do It

The entire process we described above is the exact opposite of what the big reputation management firms do. We know what they do because we’ve talked to them. View the Reputation Management Pricing Comparison.

Their “content first” strategy consists of drafting and optimizing positive content about you or your company and getting it published on high authority websites, self-hosted websites, social media sites, and web 2.0s. Sound familiar? It’s very similar to what we with two big differences.

The main difference is that they create their content first. If you’ve ever sat down to write a quality blog post or done research to write an article about your industry, you know this takes a lot of time. Hiring good copywriters to generate dozens of unique articles, bio’s and character pieces about you costs a lot of money. All of these costs get passed on to you. And here’s the worst part – these pieces might not rank in Google! Unless it’s ranks and pushes out your unwanted material, it is not serving you. So, this is money down the drain. Sure, you will have some nice articles, but unless they outrank the stuff you don’t want to see, what’s the point?

The second big difference between how they do things and how we do thing is that most of these companies claim digital properties for you manually. We can tell you from experience that creating profiles one by one on sites like vimeo, spokeo, bebo, wordpress, and many more takes an incredible amount of time, thus dramatically increasing the price you pay for your reputation management campaign. That’s why we wrote a program to do it for us!

The big firms will do some link building from one asset to another and yes, this can be effective. We’re not saying they don’t do quality work and that they don’t get results – we’re saying their process is time consuming, costly and inefficient. You wind up paying A LOT more.

That said, we’ve taken calls from clients who’ve said they’ve spent thousands – if not tens of thousands – with other companies and gotten little or no results.

In case you missed it earlier, we’ve been successful in 100% of the cases we’ve taken on. We’re very good at what we do and if you’ve made it to this point, hopefully you understand why.

Confused by all the tech talk? Call 503-890-6663 to request a quote on pushing down negative content in Google.

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