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google autosuggest service - affordable reputation managementGoogle reports that the suggestions we see in autocomplete are the product of two things – content on the web and search activity of users. So, to change the suggestions, you just need to increase the search activity for the positive key phrases you want to see appearing next to your name. Once Google recognizes that the new search activity is greater than the search volume for the negative term(s), the suggestions change.

In order to be effective, the searches must be performed on different computers in different places – the more variety, the better. We’ve got a huge team of people that perform positive searches at different times from different parts of the world. When Google (or Bing) recognize the new search activity, the suggestions are updated. For low volume cases, this process usually takes about 2-3 months. Cases with higher search volume can take longer because we’ve got to accumulate enough of a history of searches to influence Google’s algorithm and cause change.

All of the searches we do for you are all done by hand by human beings. We parse keywords to different people at different times and use a variety of methods to ensure randomness and diversity that appears natural to Google. At this time, we don’t do any searches automatically: We’ve tried robotic programs and found them to be ineffective.

Based on our interviews with other companies, it is safe to say that 95% of the reputation management firms out there use the same process we do to change Google autocomplete. The only difference is the price you pay. We know we’re among the least expensive, but feel free to shop around. If you can find someone that’s offering a cheaper autocomplete solution than what we offer, we’d love to see it!

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