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Affordable Reputation Management Pushes Down Negative News Stories


Negative news stories are tough to get rid of. Because online newspapers and digital TV news sites have so much content and lots of links pointing to them, they are viewed as authority sites by Google; stories posted on these sites are prone to appear when you search your name or business.

In the video below, I describe a DIY tip you can try yourself to get the story corrected or removed. If that doesn’t work, you’re going to need to hire a reputation management firm to help push down the negative article. Feel free to watch the video and follow along with the transcription below. I hope you find it helpful and informative.

How To Get A Negative News Story Off Page One of Google

From the Affordable Reputation Management Channel on Vimeo.


Hello there, my name is Mike Munter and I’m with Affordable Reputation Management. I’d like to talk to you about online newspapers.

Many people call us because they’ve got their local newspaper which has published an article about them online that casts them in a negative light or is just a really bad story about them or their business. And it’s appearing on the first page of Google.

Now, there are two things you can do with online newspapers. The first thing you can do is you can actually contact the publisher of the paper or the editorial review, or even the journalist sometimes who wrote the article. You can ask them very nicely if they will remove or edit the article. Especially if there’s incorrect information or if there’s new information about you which is now positive.

In my experience, sometimes that works. It’s certainly worth a try, but many newspapers have policies against removing any content.

Using Reputation Management To Force Down A Negative News Article

So, that’s where you need to go to step two and that’s reputation management. That’s where we come in. What we will do is we will create a whole bunch of new websites for you. We will push those websites up by using link building techniques that are very aggressive. What’ll happen over time is that the online newspaper article will start to fall.

How long it will take varies depending on several factors. One of them most importantly is: How strong is the article about you? How long has it been there? How many comments are on that article? Generally, you could be looking at anywhere between a month or two on the short end to maybe six months or more – give or take – on the back end.

Reputation Management Costs

The nice thing is we give you one price to do the job. There’s not these monthly recurring fees that the big firms will charge you. There’s not a huge $15,000 or $20,000 fee that you have to pay up front. We give you one price – half of it is due up front; half of it is due when the newspaper article about you is gone off of page one [of Google].

So, if that sounds interesting to you or helpful, we’d love to help you get rid of that newspaper article about you – get it off of page one, so that you can get on with your business or get on with your job seeking.

I can be reached at 503-890-6663.


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