Affordable Reputation Management

Our Strategy


Our strategy for reputation management is different than many of the big corporate firms who charge you excessive amounts of money to clear your first page results in Google. The reason they charge so much is because they’ve got a lot of overhead – sales people, account managers, writers, technicians. The spend a lot of money placing content on authoritative domains. Many of those expensive firms do reputable work, but with all their high overhead costs, you’re the one who winds up paying bill.

You see, the internet has made it easy for people like me and others to operate from our home offices, producing great results without all the overhead. We don’t have big offices and management personnel making fat salaries – we don’t need them. We keep our costs down and pass those savings on to you. We hire writers when we need them. We cut out the fat and do what works to get you the fastest results possible at the best price.

Online reputation management isn’t rocket science, despite what some of the big firms might imply. All you have to do is create some basic content and promote the hell out of it with links until those new assets displace the negative stuff.

I’m Mike Munter, an SEO specialist who’s core business is getting clients to rank higher in Google. We’re up to date with Google’s latest algorithmic changes and how they effect which results appear in organic SERPs. We apply those lessons to our reputation management clients and help them get a better value for their time and money. If you’re fed up with a nasty RipOffReport, PissedConsumer or .gov site that just won’t go away, we’re the ones you want to call. We’ll bury it for about half of what the large firms charge you.

Give us a call at 503-890-6663 – you’ll probably wind up saving thousands of dollars and get a faster result for your reputation management problem. We’re located in beautiful Portland, Oregon and provide outstanding customer service, too.

Outdated Reputation Management Strategy

Now, here are some of the outdated and/or expensive reputation management strategies some firms use. If you’re shopping around, maybe you’ve been hearing about them. You can skip straight to our reputation management strategy, by clicking here.

Here are some of the strategies the higher-priced reputation management firms use:

1) Create a bunch of exact/partial match domain blogs on web 2.0 sites.  Ex.,, Then pay writers to research and write unique content, publish it and link them together. This used to work and still might if you get lucky, but most of these sites are going to languish on page 5 -10. Content and a couple links is not going to do the job – they need to be promoted with SERIOUS link building, which the big firms aren’t doing.

2) Claim your exact/partial match domain on hundreds of social media and personal branding sites like,,, Then pay more writers to author professional bios/summaries about you and your business. Add nice pictures. They look good, I have to admit, but again, without some heavy duty link building, you’re hoping Google is going to be nice and rank these sites higher than the bad stuff. Again, you might get a couple of them to jump onto Google page 1, but most of this work is going to wasted: the sites are never going to rank!

3) Another strategy is to go out and purchase exact/partial match domain names like,,, etc. These sites can actually rank pretty well for you WITHOUT a lot of links, but you’re going to need a LOT of content. Content takes time and costs a lot of money to produce. It’s all got to be unique in order to rank well. So, unless you’re planning on doing all this writing yourself, this strategy is going to cost you dearly. Plus, these domains carry ongoing annual registration and monthly hosting fees which never stop.

4) A newer strategy is to get you published on high authority domains like or news magazines relevant to your industry. This strategy can be effective because Google trusts these domains, so if you get published there with a well-optimized story, the article can do quite well in rankings. The problem is that it is EXPENSIVE! Getting published on doesn’t just happen. One article alone can cost you thousands of dollars between writing and publishing.


Strategies 1 & 2 above are mainly ineffective and strategies 3 & 4 come at a very high cost. All the while, you continue to pay recurring monthly fees that actually disincentivize the ORM firm from completing your project and cleaning up page 1.

Sites like ripoffreport, .gov sites, and news sites with false or negative information about you can destroy your business. You’re probably already sick of having to answer questions about it from people Googling you, and who knows how many people aren’t calling you at all because they’ve seen this negative stuff online.

The bottom line is: If you’re dependent on the internet for generating a significant portion of your business income and new leads, you’ve got to take an aggressive position without breaking the bank to get results.

This is where we come in. 

Our Reputation Management Strategy

There are three HUGE differences between our online reputation management strategy and the strategies the big firms use.

1) We don’t spend a lot of money on content. The big firms invest your money in content on the front end, and then they promote that content to try to get it to rise up in search results. The problem is, content costs money to produce. So for every social media site they claim, every blog they setup, you’re paying for professionals to create content. The bigger problem is that a lot of this content is not going to outrank the negative stuff, so all that money you spent on content goes out the window. What’s the point of putting money into content unless you know the site is going to outrank the bad stuff? That’s like getting a car and doing a fancy paint job on it, before you know if it runs or not.

Our Difference: We create cheap, spun content that isn’t high quality and will probably have some grammatical errors that need correcting. Then we promote it hard and IF IT RANKS well, we can go back in later and update the content. This way, you’re only spending money on content AFTER IT RANKS! Using the car analogy again, we make sure the car is going to perform like a dynamo, and then we go out and get the fancy paint job. This is the first way we are able to save you money.

2) We don’t waste time and money getting you published on websites. As mentioned above, this has become a new “favorite” strategy of the big firms. As Google keeps fine-tuning its algorithm, they’ve moved more and more to showing high quality content on domains that have a lot of trust. Yes, if you are able to publish a lengthy, well-optimized article on a site like Huffington Post, it should rank very well, all by itself. The problem is, not many of us have the resources to do that. To get quality content published on domains like this is an extremely expensive proposition.

And here’s the other problem – you spend all this money on the high quality article – and it only takes up ONE SPOT. If you’ve got a .gov site or news article at the top of page 1, you’re going to need TEN PIECES OF CONTENT to outrank it in order to push it to page 2. Not good.

Our Difference: Instead of spending thousands on one article on an authoritative domain, we use extensive link building to push ALL of YOUR digital assets past the negative content. We use tools to do the link building which helps keep overhead down. Whatever sites wind up ranking well, you can always go back in after the fact and improve the content, either by paying us a nominal fee or doing it yourself. Meanwhile, you haven’t wasted a big portion of your budget holding down one spot in Google.

You wind up spending a lot less and get SEVERAL items placed above the negative content.

3) We don’t soak you with monthly ongoing reputation management fees. Every firm is different, but some of the ones we’ve talked to charge you a recurring monthly fee until the work is complete and you’re happy. The problem with this is easy to see – their incentive to finish your campaign is not in alignment with your desire to have it finished. So, while you keep waiting, they keep collecting their fee. And if you decide to fire them, you’re screwed because the job is incomplete.

Other firms collect 100% of their entire mammoth-sized fee up front. Hmmm, not much incentive to deliver there, either.

Our Difference:  We don’t do it this way. We give you one flat, fair price. You pay 50% up front and 50% when the job is done. The money we collect up front helps cover our costs and we collect a large portion of our profit on the back end. This way, our incentive is the same as yours: To get the job done quickly!

Truth be told, we used to bill monthly, too. Since we run our SEO firm that way, we figured we run our Reputation Management company the same way. But it just didn’t feel right, so we changed it. Now, we’ve got our eye on the prize just like you.

Reputation Management Strategy Wrap-Up

I’ve laid it all out for you and if you’re looking for a lower cost price to clean on your online reputation, please give me a call at 503-890-6663. If I don’t answer when you call, leave a message. I return most calls within a few hours. You may also email me directly at We look forward to helping you!